Managing Board examines legal options to quickly realise change of legal form

(Wiesbaden, 12 December 2023) In view of the action for annulment that has now been filed (ad-hoc announcement from 27 November), the Managing Board, together with the company's legal advisors, is examining the legal options for accelerating the implementation of the change of legal form. "We are not convinced by the arguments of the opposing side, but the decision is of course up to the court," says Managing Director Dr Karsten Schlageter. One of the company's options is the so-called declaratory judgment. In the event of a favourable decision by the court, the change of legal form and the associated change of company name could be implemented within a few months.

"We assume that an accelerated clarification of the legal issues would be particularly advantageous for our position on the capital market and the development of the share price," says Dr Schlageter. "Investors don't like uncertainty." Operationally, however, there are no disadvantages for the company as a result of the action for annulment. Dr Schlageter: "Thanks to numerous recent successes and the sale of turnkey wind and solar parks, we are in a good position. This allows us to optimally use the opportunities presented to us by the growing number of projects that are becoming ready for construction."

In view of the development of the share price, the Managing Board has meanwhile decided to postpone considerations of capital increases until further notice when looking at various financing options. In order to be able to optimally use the expected further increase in the number of project approvals in the future, the company will first examine alternative financing options. Particular attention will be paid to the development of interest rates.


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