ABO Wind is now

ABO Energy

We have changed our name. But why?

Our new name better captures the entirety of the clean energy projects we develop, demonstrating the value of working with (and for) us.


More than wind


> 4000 MW


950 MW


> 100 MW

We started with wind, then added solar and battery, and are now also developing hydrogen projects. The name ABO Wind no longer fully describes our business. The diversity of our development capacity is an advantage for business partners and employees that we want to emphasise.


More green energy


~ 23 GW

hydrogen projects

20 GW

The new name also reflects our vision of a future in which the term “energy” will only be associated with renewables. The ~ 23 GW of renewable projects in our development pipeline plus an additional 20 GW in hydrogen projects will secure our place in this future.


More than one country

16 countries

Active in 16 countries


> 1,200 employees

For the first five years, ABO Wind was active only in Germany. We now have offices in 16 countries around the world. We need a name that works globally. In French and Spanish, for example, the root word ‘wind’ (éolien, eólica) is different, whereas the root word ‘energy’ is similar in most languages.


A new name for an established company

A reliable partner for the energy transition

Although we have changed our name, our core values will not change. Ethical responsibility, economical prudence and careful planning remain the core of ABO Energy. We work not only for the success of our company, but in addition, we strive to do business fairly and favourably for all parties involved to create shared value and to make the greatest possible contribution to global climate protection.

A reliable partner
Global Meeting

Sustainable growth makes us strong

ABO Energy has never focused on short-term success, but rather on sustainability. The quality of the projects and the competence of the employees are the cornerstones of the company’s success. We work on exciting new projects, while tapping into new dimensions in terms of project size and technology.

Down-to-earth and founder-managed

ABO Wind AG evolves into ABO Energy KGaA. This new legal form will help the founders retain significant influence as general partners. Renewable energy projects have extended development cycles, which fits the founders’ business model perspective perfectly.

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