There is an enormous potential for renewable energy in sub-Saharan countries. The international market research agency BMI Research predicts that solar and wind power generation will double by 2027. Tanzania offers excellent conditions for an environmentally friendly power supply due to windy and sunny regions.

ABO Energy founded the subsidiary ABO Tanzania Ltd. in January 2017. Together with local partners, we develop both photovoltaic and wind projects. In addition, we develop hybrid energy systems. This is particularly interesting for regions without a connection to the electricity grid.

With the local network operator TANESCO, we are planning to optimise an island grid system in western Tanzania currently powered by diesel generators. With the help of photovoltaic and battery storage systems, we could save almost 200,000 liters of diesel per year, increase the stability of the grid and significantly lower electricity prices. 


ABO Tanzania Ltd.
3rd floor, Chole Plaza
Plot 1826/26, Chole Road
Masaki, Dar es Salaam


Edward Koenen

Edward Koenen

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