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ABO Energy takes a holistic approach in the fight against the climate crisis. In addition to planning and constructing wind, solar and storage projects, ABO Energy has been working intensively on hydrogen for several years. Green hydrogen from renewable energies will play a major role in decarbonizing hard-to-abate sectors in industry, peak power generation and transport.

We are currently working on integrated wind, PV and hydrogen projects with around 20 gigawatts renewable capacity in Canada, Argentina, Tunisia, South Africa, Spain and Germany. We are also pursuing similar concepts in other markets such as Finland and the Netherlands.

Our hydrogen business models are focused on:

We are successively driving the development of hydrogen projects and activities in our core markets, independently or together with partners and key stakeholders.

We have a 20 GW green H2 project pipeline

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Best Practice Examples

Wind-hydrogen filling station

Wind-hydrogen filling station, Germany

In Huenfeld, Germany (Hesse), ABO Energy is developing a hybrid project consisting of a wind turbine, hydrogen production and hydrogen filling station. The project is being funded by the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport as part of the National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Innovation Programme with a total of around 12 million euros. The funding directive is coordinated by NOW GmbH and implemented by Project Management Jülich (PtJ).

Size: 4,8 MW onshore wind

Hydrogen: Up to 90 kg per hour

Distribution: Two filling stations for 200 and 300 bar trailers with additional backfilling option

Website (in German):

Toqlukuti’k Wind and Hydrogen

Toqlukuti’k Wind and Hydrogen, Canada

Toqulukti’k (meaning “working together” in traditional Mi’kmaq language) is an integrated wind and hydrogen project in the Canadian Province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The project foresees the development of 5 gigawatts onshore wind, powered by the province’s world-class wind speeds. The project shall produce both green hydrogen for the renewable fuel refinery Come By Chance as well as green ammonia for the global market. In the development of the project, ABO Energy cooperates with Miawpukek First Nation and Braya Renewable Fuels.

Size: Approximately 5 GW onshore wind, developed in three phases

Hydrogen: Approximately 400,000 tons per year

Export: Approximately 2 million tons of ammonia per year


Hydrogen in New Brunswick

Hydrogen in New Brunswick, Canada

The integrated wind and hydrogen project in the Canadian Province of New Brunswick is located close to year-round ice-free Port of Belledune. It foresees the development of up to 4 gigawatts onshore wind, potentially supplemented by PV, electrolysis, and ammonia production plant to produce green ammonia for the global market. In addition, the project can supply green hydrogen to local industry and support the decarbonization efforts of the province. ABO Energy is cooperating with Pabineau First Nation and Eel River Bar First Nation. 

Size: Approximately 4 GW onshore wind, developed in three phases

Hydrogen: Approximately 200,000 tons per year

Export: Approximately 1 million tons of ammonia per year

Hydrogen in Patagonia

Hydrogen in Patagonia, Argentina

Due to its high and constant wind resource as well as is large uninhabited areas, Patagonia is one of the world‘s most promising regions for the production of green hydrogen. ABO Energy is developing three projects in the provinces of Santa Cruz and Rio Negro with the aim to produce green hydrogen and green ammonia for export to the global markets. 

Size: Approximately 3 GW onshore wind in three projects (extensions up to 10 GW possible)

Hydrogen: Approximately 270,000 tons per year (up to 900,000 tons)

Export: Approximately 1.5 million tons of ammonia per year (up to 5 million tons)

Hydrogen in Tunisia

Hydrogen in Tunisia

Due to its world-class solar irradiance as well as very good wind conditions and its close proximity to Europe, Tunisia can become a major hydrogen producer. The existing Trans-Tunisian and Trans-Mediterranean natural gas pipelines shall transport green hydrogen in the future as part of the SoutH2Corridor, an initiative supported by ABO Energy. Two projects are currently in development – a 500 megawatts project in the North and a 2 gigawatts project (extension up to 5 gigawatts possible) in the South. Besides the possibility to export green hydrogen to Europe, the projects shall foster the development of a local hydrogen industry and provide desalinated sea water for agricultural use.

Size: Approximately 2.5 GW of PV and onshore wind in two projects (extension up to 5.5 GW possible)

Hydrogen: Several hundred thousand tons per year

Export: Via the SoutH2Corridor to Italy, Austria, and Southern Germany


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