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Municipalities and residents in the vicinity of our projects can benefit in a number of ways: from regional added value, additional tourist attractions, or compensatory measures. 

Benefits of Renewable Energy Projects

A Fair Distribution of Lease Payments

In order to build a wind or solar farm, the land owners have to agree to lease out their land. In return, they receive a reliable income. If the wind turbine generators or solar panels are located on communal land, the municipality benefits the most. In many cases, when the project area belongs to several parties, we often set up a so-called "pool concept." It distributes the land lease evenly among all landowners in the planning area. It highly strengthens the acceptance of any renewbale energy project to involve as many local beneficiaries as possible.

Impulses for the Labour Market

Renewable energies create jobs. According to the International Renewable Energy Association, renewables accounted for an estimated 11.5 million jobs worldwide in 2019. If possible, we contract local companies for construction and infrastructure works. Larger projects also create long-term maintenance and operational management jobs.

Involving the Community

Guided tours of the construction site, events for schools and kindergartens as well as inauguration festivities bring local residents together and turn the energy transition into a community project. ABO Energy appreciates the interest and is happy to offer presentations to establish the wind or solar farm as a positive part of the community.

Long-term Partnerships

ABO Energy is a trusted and reliable long-term partner for any renewbale energy project. We maintain many long-standing and successful partnerships with municipalities and landowners. For example, in the German municipality of Thalfang, we have installed a number of wind and solar energy projects totalling 80 megawatts over the years.


Renewables & Tourism

Wind and solar farms are a visible sign of climate protection and ecological progress. Renewable energy can play a positive role in location marketing, as shown by the following tourism offers implemented by ABO Energy. 

Participation Models

Participation Models

We don’t just talk about involving citizens in the clean energy transition: We do it. We offer different financial participation models that are tailored to local needs.


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Social Impact and Engagement Lead

Dave Berrade

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