Nose Hill Wind Farm

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Nose Hill Wind Farm Inc., a joint company with ABO Energy and Clem Geo-Energy Corp, is proposing to build a wind power project in the area north of Veteran, Alberta, named Nose Hill Wind Farm. The community will benefit from tax revenues, company investment into local iniatives, job and contract opportunities, and health benefits by offsetting emissions that would otherwise be emitted through the burning of fossil fuels. Nose Hill Wind Farm will generate electricity without emitting greenhouse gases or air pollutants or any use of freshwater.


December 2023: Current Development Stage

The Project’s development timeline was extended while ABO Wind evaluates project design and potential layout scenarios. The Project is currently undergoing interconnection studies and ensuring all environmental surveys are up to date.

September 2020: Current Development Stage

The project is completing the following steps: public consultation, environmental impact assessments, wind resource assessments, layout optimization and preliminary project engineering.

Studies to be completed

  • Wildlife: Birds, Bats and sensitive species
  • Vegetation: Habitat mapping and endangered species
  • Wetlands: Mapping and classification
  • Noise: Impact assessment
  • Shadow Flicker: Impact assessment
  • Historical Resource: Archaeological


Project information

Site Location


Power Facility

Generating Capacity Up to 120 MW
Number of Turbines Up to 19


Megawatt (MW): A unit of bulk power 1,000 kilowatts

This information is based on preliminary design and is subject to change at the sole discretion of the project developers.



Nose Hill Wind Farm


Nose Hill Wind Farm


Nose Hill Wind Farm


The Developers

The project is owned by Nose Hill Wind Farm Inc., a subsidiary of ABO Energy and Clem Geo-Energy Corp.

ABO Energy was founded in 1996 and is a leading developer of renewable energy projects. ABO Energy Canada Ltd. opened its Canadian headquarters in Calgary in 2017 and focuses on developing wind, solar, energy storage, and green hydrogen projects throughout Canada. The ABO Energy Canada team is supported by over 1200 team members from across the globe. For more information, please visit:

Clem Geo is a private company established in October 2014. They are focused on building 2 utility scale wind facilities and are studying the economic feasibility of energy storage. Looking to the future, they are interested in facility and utility scale solar and energy storage, water sourcing, reclamation and desalination, recycling, research & development and geophysical services. Learn more:

Public Consultation

Nose Hill Wind Farm Inc. is committed to open and transparent development with local stakeholders. Currently, we are preparing information packages for those stakeholders within 1500 metres of the Project boundary and others interested in receiving information about the Project. 

A summary of all stakeholder comments will be included in the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) Power plant Application. To learn more about the AUC application and review process please contact the AUC by phone at 780- 427-4903 or by email at You can access AUC’s website at


What questions do you have about Nose Hill Wind Farm? Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Vendors and Suppliers

If you are a Vendor interested in providing your goods and/or services to ABO Energy Canada Ltd. we ask that you submit your company information via our ‘Supplier Registration Form’ located here: 


Dave Berrade

Social Impact and Engagement Lead

Dave Berrade

Tel. +1 (587) 576-5339

News Project information Schedule Photos Background Q&A Vendors and Suppliers Contact