Clogheravaddy Wind Farm

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Permitting process
Current status

ABO Energy Ireland Ltd were granted consent for 7 wind turbines up to 126.5 m in height and associated infrastructure in Clogheravaddy, County Donegal, by An Bord Pleanala in 2016.

It is important to us that communities surrounding the site are kept informed about developments in the project, and given the opportunity to give feedback, so that any suggestions and concerns can be taken on board.


October 2021: Update on Clogheravaddy Wind Farm Phase 2

Construction on Phase 2 (3 additional 3.6MW Vestas V105 turbines) began in April 2021. Progress over the summer has been very good; all roads and turbine hardstands are completed. In mid September the first turbine base was poured, all three will be poured by the end of October. By the end of November all turbines will be delivered to site. By the end of December all 3 turbines will be erected. Commissioning of Phase 2 will be completed in Q1 2022.

June 2020: Video of Phase 1 of Clogheravaddy Wind Farm


Our drone video shows phase 1 of our wind farm Clogheravaddy in the summer of 2020. In the video you can see the three Vestas V105 turbines from different perspectives as well as the substation we built.


October 2019: Construction video of Clogheravaddy wind farm


Our time lapse video shows the construction of wind farm Clogheravaddy between June and October 2019, from the completion of the foundation to the mounting of the rotor blades.


February 2019: Clogheravaddy website goes live

This new website will keep interested residents informed about the development of our wind farm Clogheravaddy. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions!


Project information

Site Location

Clogheravaddy Wind Farm

The Clogheravaddy Wind Farm site is located in the townlands of Clogheravaddy and Meenagranoge circa 12 km northwest of Donegal Town. It lies on the northern foothills of Killin Hill at the western edge of the Blue Stack Mountains. The villages of Inver and Mountcharles lie to the south and southwest respectively.

Access to the site will be via the R262 and approximately 300 m along the L5795 to the site entrance. The R262 is a Regional Road which connects the N56 National Road from Donegal Town at a point west from the village of Mountcharles to the N56 at a point west of the town of Glenties.

The site area covers approximately 170 ha, and overall falls on a gradient from south to north.


Turbine Type

Turbine type Vestas V105
Hub height 74 m
Rotor diameter 105 m
Overall height 126.5 m
Capacity 3.6 MW






Activity  Indicative timescales
Enabling works (access tracks, hard stands etc.)     October 2018 – April 2019
Foundations April/May 2019
Turbine delivery and installation August/September 2019
Turbine commissioning November/December 2019





Wind Energy in Ireland

The wind on almost the entire island blows as evenly and strongly as it does, at best, on the coasts of Central Europe. 3,500 full capacity hours are not a rarity, even for inland Irish wind farms.

But the limited grid capacities hamper a faster expansion of wind energy. With 60 inhabitants per square kilometre, the island is thinly populated – in Germany, for example, almost four times as many people (230 inhabitants per square kilometre) are bustling about in the same space and even more in the United Kingdom. Thus, the infrastructure is rather poor in some areas. As a result, the connection of a new wind farm to the Irish grid takes years in some regions.

In spite of this fact and despite the economic crises of 2008/2009, ABO succeeded in financing and finalizing the wind farms Glenough and Gortahile. Gortahile wind farm (20 megawatts), which was acquired by BNP Paribas Investment Partners, has been in operation since August 2010.

In autumn 2011, the largest wind farm (32.5 megawatts) ever constructed by ABO Energy was connected to the grid in Ireland. For the grid-connection of the wind farm Glenough, ABO Energy erected a 220 kilovolt substation. Glenough is part of the portfolio of ABO Invest, of which ABO Energy itself is a permanent shareholder. The majority of the shares belong to about 4,000 citizens.

The project Gibbet Hill in Co. Wexford with a total capacity of 15 megawatts was connected to the grid in 2013.

Our most recent project Cappawhite B in Co. Tipperary was connected to the grid in June 2018. This consists of four wind turbines with an installed capacity of 13 MW.



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